The Whale Guy


I am fascinated by whales. During my one visit to Hawai, I was amazed to see a group (pod) of them swim by as I stood on the balcony of my hotel room.

That makes me think of Jonah. You know, the whale guy in the Bible. As the story goes, God told him to go to the wicked city of Nineveh, tell them to clean up their act and follow God. Jonah didn’t want to and got on a boat going the opposite direction. During a storm he got swallowed by whale (“great fish”). Realizing God was serious about this, Jonah went and did what he was told (after being coughed out by the whale). As a result, the people repented and the city was saved.

Jump ahead to today. As I was watching the Smithsonian channel, I saw an interesting new twist to the story. Isis terrorists, wanting to show their disrespect to the Jewish community, blew up a monument of Jonah in that city. About the time they were laughing and high-fiving each other, it was discovered that the explosion had opened up a web of ancient tunnels with many artifacts that verified Jonah’s existence and his accomplishments there.

It is interesting that so many times when sceptics declare there is no evidence that a biblical city or character existed, some archeologists (or bumbling terrorists) discover that the Bible was right again.

I was also amused when the narrator suggested that Jonah of the whale story and the prophet of Ninnivah were separated by three hundred years obviously making the whale story a myth.

That theory doesn’t threaten my faith in the accuracy of the Bible. After all, we are dealing with God who could create several trillion galaxies out of empty space and, in the pure atmosphere of a new earth,  make some people live hundreds of years, even bring the dead back to life. He would surely have no problem in making a whale do a “slight-of-fin” trick with a runaway prophet.

Another article stated that in the early days of whaling, a sailor was indeed swallowed by a whale and later rescued alive.  Just give it time, and someone will discover that it all worked out and the Bible is right again.

“Salvation is of the Lord.” Jonah 2:9 (KJV)


2 thoughts on “The Whale Guy

  1. Very interesting!
    Our son Stephan, when he was a young boy on the ship we lived on for five years, was fascinated by whales. On a visit back to the US, the first thing he informed one of his former young playmates was, “I saw whales!”


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