Welcome to Dan L. Fuller country Writer.


This website combines inspirational thoughts drawn from my experiences in the outdoors with a related scripture and bits of humor. Included is a weekly news item from Chainy-Lakes, the mythical hometown where I grew up, created to symbolize various small towns I’ve known in the upper Midwest, “Just a bit south of the North Woods”.

Most names in Chainy-Lakes have been changed to protect the innocent (and the naughty). The stories are based on actual events…mainly. A few, through the retelling, have grown into local tall tales.

As a writer, poet and artist, I will occasionally share one of my paintings, short stories or a poem from my two books, The Ordinary Magnificence, and, The Outdoorsmen. You will also receive updates on and excerpts from novels that are in progress. These include: Tales from ChainyLakes, a collection of short stories, The Dandelions, a love story from Chainy-Lakes and a western novel, A Rifle by the Door, set in Colorado where I camped, fished and explored.

Writer’s note:

So, why take your time reading another blog? Good question. My first thought about my own life is that it is pretty ordinary. A retired small-town school teacher with a wife, two kids, three grandchildren and one great-grandson (surely, I am too young for this—oh, but what a joy!). Yet, every life is an adventure: the good, the bad and the funny. In the words of Thorton Wilder’s character in the play, Our Town, “My, wasn’t life terrible…and wonderful?”.

I have had such moments like riding in a 30-foot sailboat during a storm on Lake Superior, encounters with bull moose in the wilderness, navigating an icy road on the edge of a five-hundred-foot drop in the Rocky Mountains. If you would like to take part in this adventure, come on over to Chainy-Lakes. Sit down and have a cup of coffee. While you’re here let me tell you about the time…