Works in Progress

1. Tales From Chainy-Lakes

Short stories of the folks in Chainy-Lakes, a small town just a bit south of the North Woods. Stories ranging from humorous to inspirational . Based on true incidences(mostly) sometimes growing to tall tales of mythic proportions. A good place to share a cup of coffee with a friend. (Finished–looking for a publisher)

2. The Ordinary Magnificence: Poems of Nature, Praise and Hope.

Inspirational poems relating to the outdoors and people of the land. (Finished–soon to be published online)

3. The Dandelions: A Love Story from Chainy-Lakes

Love story of two people scarred by life who find beauty within each other as God sees. (Nearly finished.)

4. A Rifle by the Door

Western: Two orphaned kids and a bounty hunter have to depend on each other to survive the winter of 1889 in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. (Finished–looking for a publisher)